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all the beauty of stained glass in an easy to use window film

Window Film

Mix and match your own period designs

Unleash your own creativity !

Add a strip of colour
If you don't want to leave a gap between sheets, you can add a strip of colour - or a Classic Border strip - which will effectively hide the join
Extending with etched sheet
A 3 inch width of etched sheet has easily extended this 'Twilight Rose' design.
Extending with 'Odeon'
Here a 3 inch strip of 'Odeon' is extending the width of a plain grid sheet.
Using Bramble to enhance a sheet of Crystal
Using just half a strip of Bramble makes quite a difference to our clasic 'Crystal' design
Extend with Classic Border Stgrips
Using two 'Classic Border' strips can extend designs by 3 inches. We chose one green and one plain to keep it simple, what would you choose?
Using 'leftovers' for a border
You can make a border of fill a gap using 'leftovers' and offsetting the lines makes it even easier!
Create an effective period feel
This layout uses a sheet of 'Dulwich', a set of 4 corners, some plain etched sheet cut to strips and all separated with our easy to use stick-on lead.
Understated use of etched effect window film
To achieve a muted, understated period look, this layout uses a sheet of 'Odeon' and 'Bramble' cut into strips and etched corners
Create your own a classic period feel
This uses 'Bramble' and 'Dulwich' together with corners.
Using a strip of Classic Border to extend a sheet
One strip of 'Classic Border' is just enough to finish this deign split in a sash window
Frosted sheets give excellent obscurity
You can extend a design sheet for a long window - or simply excercise your creativity - with plain frosted sheets.
Using a part sheet of 'Tiles' above a doorway
Unusual space above a door?

No problem here - just a strip from a sheet of 'Tiles'


It's your choice..........
so what will you choose?


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